Hello, I’m Molly! I am a video producer, videographer, and writer. I’m from Vermont. I live in New York City. Thank you so much for visiting my website!

Currently, I work on the video team at Well+Good, producing everything from tutorial videos to profiles to quick social hits to branded content. Here’s a reel of videos I’ve recently shot and edited for them.

In the past I’ve produced social videos about food, travel and culture for Thrillist; curated global Live Stories at Snapchat, and created marketing and business videos for brands like Kindbody, Xhilaration, and Postlight.

Other things I currently do:

  • I co-host a podcast called And Introducing — in each episode, Chris Wade and I dissect a different (occasionally lurid, always entertaining) music memoir.

  • I have a video zine on Alt Citizen called Spectator full of footage of live music — here’s the first episode

  • I go out and film things in my spare time, especially live music and dance. Bite size pieces of this are viewable on my instagram, otherwise known as The Molly Zone.

  • I eat lots of bagels. My go-to is an everything bagel, toasted, with tomato, avocado, and just a schmear of plain cream cheese. It’s a slippery combo, high risk of topping loss, but delicious all the same.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in working together!